Success, Effectiveness and Sustainability of Bangkok’s Startup Community

Background C-ASEAN, TechGrind, Hubba and The Work Loft are some of the prominent names in the startup community of Bangkok. C-ASEAN is a platform for ASEAN networking that facilitates peer-to-peer discussions at the regional level while TechGrind is the first private technology Incubator in Southeast Asia that regularly organizes various networking events including mentoring and… Read more »

A Futuristic Smart Kitchen Cabinet Idea

Cabinets that can Determine & Maintain Food Conditions, Dispose off Bad Ones, and Grow Plants What if the cabinets could replace refrigerators completely! Imagine a self-regulating cabinet-refrigerator that can determine and maintain the food/grocery conditions, dispose off bad items on its own, and most importantly grow plants. The futuristic cabinet-refrigerator will have three thermal layers: a… Read more »

Forget Unhealthy Buttery Products: How about a Herbal Super Spread?

To disrupt the modern culinary market, food products manufacturing companies should overcome dependence on their traditional value propositions like low fat, extra-protein, rich creamy taste, etc. Innovation in the culinary ingredients is the most prominent key in the development of ‘superfood’ for the modern market. Pharmaceutical companies are often blamed for bio-piracy owing to their… Read more »

Migration Patterns of Afghan and Syrian Refugees

ABSTRACT Refugee communities are often disparaged by the modern society, especially because of a widespread fear that such mass exodus will lead to spillover of armed conflicts globally. This piece discusses some of the major origin and causes of migrant crises; and, their complex and diverse effects; finally extrapolating the migration patterns which are concomitant… Read more »

Debt Based P2P Crowdfunding: Financial Product Credit Unions Need

This is my take on a new alternative financial product that the Credit Unions can utilize to differentiate themselves from mushrooming financial start-ups. Debt based peer-to-peer crowdfunding, an alternative financial product that I suggest will attract the millennials who need ‘re-purposed’ financial products. Debt-based P2P Crowdfunding that not only bails clientele out of crises but also… Read more »

Trinity of Diurnal-Nocturnal-Misty Decoration in Blissful Beverage Packaging

Blissful beverage packaging requires combination of eclectic elements of colors like hue, brightness and brilliance with bichromatic, photo-chromatic, thermo-chromatic and similar high inks. These designs should be used to make wine labels, closures and other packaging elements colorful and blissful. 1. Diurnal Decoration: This type of decoration should be used in light background, which will be mostly… Read more »

Dead Refugees Cannot Speak: Listen to the Distressed Ones

Introduction Rightfully, there has been an extremely huge fuss about Afghan and Syrian refugees in the recent years, particularly owing to the contentious mass exodus from war-torn regions to Europe. This astute normative narrative delves through the various dimensions of the refugee crises, especially focusing on the past, present and prospective roles of global community… Read more »

Dirty Politics of Prachanda: Turning the Tables When at Fault

Prachanda is turning the tables on the ruling government with allegations of flaws in the new constitution. Actually, many self-called ‘nationalists’ are doing the same. The ulterior irony here is that they should take all the blame. What surprises me the most is that people are not judging Dr. Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda in the… Read more »

The Musical Chairs of Nepalese Politics

The traditional musical chairs of Nepalese politics is self-evident just a day after K P Oli was elected the 38th Prime Minister of Nepal. It is being predicted that his cabinet of ministers will be the most non-inclusive cabinet in the history of Nepal, comprising of largely Brahmin-Chhetri feudal elites. Just to complete the horse-trading, the… Read more »

Victory of Oli signals Polarization of Nepal

The amount of horse-trading among the corrupt political head-honchos of Nepal who cannot see anything beyond their self-interests is making more buzz than the huge protests in the southern plains. The Terai movement is at a risk of turning into a secessionist one, especially now that the newly elected PM Khadga Prasad Oli, the CPN (UML) leader, is… Read more »