A Futuristic Smart Kitchen Cabinet Idea

Cabinets that can Determine & Maintain Food Conditions, Dispose off Bad Ones, and Grow Plants

What if the cabinets could replace refrigerators completely! Imagine a self-regulating cabinet-refrigerator that can determine and maintain the food/grocery conditions, dispose off bad items on its own, and most importantly grow plants. The futuristic cabinet-refrigerator will have three thermal layers: a freezer, a refrigerator, and a microwave oven. The movement of the food items between the layers will mostly be directed by the users through a digital app. However, when the food goes off, the cabinet-refrigerator will be able to dispose it off.

The smart cabinet-refrigerator will also determine and maintain the perfect temperature for each food types. It may also be engineered to send alerts on the electronic devices of the users suggesting them to consume the foods that are in risk of spoiling.

Even better, a few compartments of smart cabinet-refrigerator may be designed to provide certain physical conditions or phenome like regulated moisture, atmospheric gases, nutrition and temperature for urban farming. This will help people grow organic food items in the smart cabinets under artificial conditions; the greatest advantage being that the smart cabinet will decide and maintain the best phenome for the plants. With food scarcity being a very probable scenario in the near future, I believe that this will be the greatest value futuristic smart cabinets can offer.

Technologies Utilized 

The technologies used by the smart cabinet-refrigerator includes Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Connectivity and other advanced technologies that will make urban farming inside a cabinet possible. In addition, the Greenhouse technology and the LED technology can be used to enhance the functionalities of smart cabinet-refrigerator. Besides, the smart cabinet-refrigerator must be equipped with WiFi, blue-tooth, multiple sensors and external display.

Mock-up Design

Futuristic Smart Kitchen Cabinet Mockup

Success Mantra

This will be a very successful product in the future owing to the fact that there are only 2 percent American working as farmers and ranchers and 2 billion people across the world who are facing the challenge of insufficient nutrition. Food scarcity is a serious threat to the mankind. This is why it is necessary to both conserve and produce food items to cut food waste and increase food production. As this futuristic concept can offset the food scarcity, this product will be hugely successful.

Written by Roshan Adhikari

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