Success, Effectiveness and Sustainability of Bangkok’s Startup Community


C-ASEAN, TechGrind, Hubba and The Work Loft are some of the prominent names in the startup community of Bangkok. C-ASEAN is a platform for ASEAN networking that facilitates peer-to-peer discussions at the regional level while TechGrind is the first private technology Incubator in Southeast Asia that regularly organizes various networking events including mentoring and pitching events. Co-working spaces like Hubba and The Work Loft similarly organize identical startup events independently.

The startup zeal among cross-cultural entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists (VCs) and incubators is further goaded by international incubators who occasionally organize competitive startup contests. Such is a quick snapshot of Bangkok’s startup community.

The Problem

Despite the availability of well-equipped open innovation platforms, local and foreign VCs are generally disinterested in funding Bangkok’s startups. This problem stems from the overall related policies of the Government of Thailand at a macro level; banking and financial restrictions at a corporate level; and cross-cultural differences and the environment of distrust at a micro level.

Research Purpose

Skimming across the plurality in inter-governmental economic policies, international corporate practices, investment environments and startup cultures, the proposed research will be utilized to access the success of Bangkok’s startup community, followed by interrogation on their effectiveness and sustainability, and concluded with systemic and pragmatic recommendations.


The primary data will be gathered from the startup databases and aggregated with feedback from focus group sessions.


The research will be conducted from January 2017 through February 2017 in Bangkok. The data sample will consist of feedback from entrepreneurs, VCs and incubator personnel. The data gathered will be used to assess the success, effectiveness and sustainability of Bangkok’s startup community. Based on the findings, systemic and pragmatic recommendations will be made.

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