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There are many brands in the world but minority of them are both classic and have great strength. IWC is one of those minority or one of the best, with reference to the techniques, brand culture and brand recognition. Every time we talk about IWC, Pilot series will come to my mind. That solid case and soldier discipline leave deep impression on us and today, we will brief on some outstanding military style watches.


Mark seventeen

We have to talk about Mark Seventeen when speaking of Pilot series. Back then, aviation was just beginning and was applied to the World War One. All pilots needed were the watches that worked precisely, low temperature resistance and anti-magnetic. In such a setting, IWC rolled out its first Pilot watch which satisfied the requirement. People called it Mark and then began the history of Mark. Then Mark Eleven was released on 1948-1984, then the improved Mark 12 was again released on 1994, next Mark twelve 1999. Although every one of them was the best at their own stage, now they have faded away.


Now the main Mark type is Mark 17 which was launched in 2012. It possess the quintessence of traditional Pilot, both in appearance and its functions. In the 2013, Mark 17 limited edition even had been a cult item among its fans, because of the blue delicate bezel and the a little small prince carving at the back of the case which bears special meanings.


Mark 17 is definitely a great choice but considering its limited edition, there may be rare and even none of them now, but IW326501, as an alternative choice, is equally well.


Big IWC Pilot

In 1930th when the aviation technology has been well developed, the stunning DC-3 and JU-52 combat plane began performing military tasks. To answer the demand of German military, IWC designed an excellent military pilot watch, which was call” Big ” Pilot. It reached 55 mm in diameter and weighted 183 grams. The clean and clear bezel was designed according to the panel of JU 52 and this was the first time that IWC introduced soft iron in watch to protect movement from magnetism.



In 2003, IWC begins focusing on the Pilot series and its traditions. In 2007, TOPGUN Nvy Air Force become the classic type among the big Pilot series. TOP Gun come from the special course of navy combat plane training school. Finishing those courses will make a soldier a top pilot. What the TOP Gun pursued is the same values that IWC bears, thus naming after it.

In 2012



IWC Spitfire Plane watch

Another classic in IWC Pilots is IWC Combat jet plane watch which was the launched in 2003 and was named after British Spitfire plane. In 1930, Spitfire was invented and then Air Force of Her Majesty become the hot club of young men who willing to sacrifice themselves for their countries. Their dressup is fashion, elegant and arresting while IWC Spitfire become the noble watches. In the British air battles, spitfire plane defended their soil while spitfire made IWC stride over another peak and make more achievements. What we recommend is the IW 379103, with glaring everose and brown alligator-made bracelet make it more delicate and has an air of class. What’s more, advanced technology and techniques are also applied to the IW379103.


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