Brave Hearts & Navigation watches conquer Ocean

Ocean is wildest in the world and for over centuries, people tries to conquer it and better exploit it. With the development of navigation technology, here comes the Great Era of Navigation, leading people to a better and over understanding of the earth. Due to the low technology back then, many shipwrecks happened. Therefore, a precise watch that was applied to the navigation was in urgent need. In 1760, the first navigation pocket watch was produced in such a setting. It not only worked in a precise way, but also was employed in solving many longitude calculations. Its birth was a great turning point as well as a milestone in the navigation history.


With a variety of new navigation apparatuses were invented, navigation watch is no longer so important as before, but to many brand, navigation watches still play an important role. First, it works precisely, second, a majority of them have dual time zone. Big size in appearance stands for the military solidness and style, which is why it captures so many men’s hearts.


Ulysse Nardin began as a navigation watch and it also produce military watch during the World War One, so its techniques in this fields is rich and excellent. Now Navigation series is an important series in Ulysse Nardin whose watches inherited the navigation and expedition spirit. What we talk about here is 353-68LE-3. It has the same blue color as ocean and run in a precise way because it passed the C.O.S.C. Ripple on the bracelet and dial also give us a visual feeling of waves.


Breguet, as the top brand in the watch industry, occupied the crown of watch in a long period of time in the history, just like today’s Patek Phillipe and it reflected statues in nobles’ eyes. Therefore, there is no reason to ignore the navigation watch which requires much more precision and can fully reflects a brand’s techniques. SO today, we have Navigation series 5817ST/92/SV0. Roman numbers are applied to improve its class. In the middle of waves can be seen, resembling tumbling waves. Movement made by Breguet is the best and authentic style that reflects this brand and black color with steel material well matches men.


Compared to the former two, Montblanc is more a luxurious brand. Time Walker is well-known for its worltimer, therefore, Navigation was created and belongs to Time Walker. 109136 is an outstanding one, leather-made belt shows the authentic style of Montblanc and a red hand in the second time zone also becomes its character.


IWC has a highly brand awareness. During 15 and 16 century, Portuguese had more achievements than other countries and was crown as “Professional Experts.” In 1936, two Portuguese businessmen paid a visit to Schaafhausen and made the order of a watch that can work precisely like observatory, then this order gave birth to the IWC Portuguese series. Now what we recommend is the Portuguese navigation, which was rolled out for volvo ocean race. Its outstanding performance is definitely out of question. Black dial and rubber bracelet better match its design for navigation.

The last one we suggest is the one that is widely acknowledged—Rolex. Rolex YACHT-MASTER is specially designed for navigation. Now comes the 116680.78210 and it has the final 10 minutes countdown which particularly designed for yacht race. Oyster case guarantee the solid case as well as highlighting the brand. Blue bezel, white bezel and blue Small Second and red hand gives a good visual impact on its appearance.


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