Break the Traditional Case and Displaying Free-shaped Chronogrpah


Many fashion design are now added to watches, and with the collision of different designing idea, it is inevitable to follow such a trend. The change on shape derives from the different pursues on the taste on beauty and pursues on breaking the tradition. On the other hand, such a breakthrough also derives from the public aesthetic fatigue. When they are already tied with the traditional shape, a brave and outstanding design will be refreshing. The weird case is not only a proud work for the watch designers, it will also leave deep impression on people who have a glance at it. Today, we mainly focus on two watches that have weird cases.


Cartier Tank Crash


Tank Crash is the most mysterious work in Cartier’s history. Since its born, the precious Cartier Crash becomes a precious watch: an perfect combination of noble elements, exquisite techniques and infinite innovation. Such a great change on the shapes seem to be a unity of two watches crashing and integrating into one. Tank shape is every recognizable no matter how it changes its look. Four irregular Roman number time indexes, classic trail-shaped indexes and blue sword-shaped hand are placed on the dial.


People who have seen Tank will find that Tank Crash seems to be squeezed and seems to be out of shape, but in the eyes of artists, this is another kind of way of expressing beauty. In the 2013 watch fair, Tank Crash continued the exaggerated design, the bent case increase the movement of hands because any indent or elongation must be measured and calculated carefully due to the uneven changes on the time scales. What’s more, Tank Crash is the first one that has metal bracelet instead of leather bracelet. The water drop-shaped bracelet is extraordinary arresting and outstanding, and reflecting a lady’s class.


Piaget Limelight Blooming Rose


Piaget is the intimate friend of women because it can incorporate jewels to watch in such a graceful way. Instead of twisting or changing the shape of watch, Piaget let flowers bloom with the rotation of case. Limelight Blooming Rose is a new member of Yves Piaget. Great innovation is expressed here. The bezel of the case seems to be a bud reading to burst. Four diamond-inserted petal is close to each other and then it will gradually burst. In the afternoon, the rose will be blooming, once again reflecting Piaget’s delicate techniques. Piaget’s own hidden machine will make the upper case rotates for 45 degrees and here you can appreciate the brand’s unique and breakthrough innovation.

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