Classic Ultra-Thin Watch—A brief Introduction to Piaget Altiplano


Piaget, in addition to its exquisite diamonds processing techniques that get ladies addicted to it, has its pursue for the ultra-thin watches. As it known to all, Piaget once again rolled out its latest Ultra-Thin watches in 2014 watch fair, and today we will look at one—the Piaget Altiplano White Gold. The official number is: G0A36138


Piaget can claim proudly that it is few of those who own the credit as an integrated producer which means that it finishes all the procedures, including designing, R&D and producing, in its own workshop. This is rare in the watch industry.

Piaget Altiplano has a medium size case that its diameter reaches 43. The white golden case is fitted with 88 round diamonds, weighing 0.8 carat. On the white dial lies three Barton time scale.

This Piaget Altiplano White Gold is an expression of simplicity and classicality, and it inherits many fine features and traditions from Piaget. The Piaget Altiplano is a masterwork of simplicity and Piaget sets off such a mini-machine to its best and thus it has set two records: the ultra-thin automatic movement fitting with mini-rotor reaches 2.35 mm and thickness reaches 5.25, the ultimate thick.


Piaget Altiplano White Gold is fitted with a black leather strap. The strap made of 18k white gold has Piaget’s classic logo on it. As an automatic winding watch, Piaget Altiplano only has a case with a stunning thickness of 5.25 mm, a miracle for the automatic watch. What’s more, Piaget limits the thickness of the movement to 2.35 mm. we have to say that this is a legend. Barton hands on the dial can clearly point time, and a small second on the 5 o’clock can be seen, as an additional ornamentation to the silver-coated dial.


The 1280p movement derives from what 12p derives from and it is the thinner movement in the world, having amazing 2.35 mm. Piaget has dedicated all its efforts on making such a thinner watch and produces movement components. You cannot imagine that some of gears only has 0.12 mm, thinner than hair. The distance between movement are reduces as much as possible. 1280P movement embody Piaget’s innovation spirit, so you will a sun radiation pattern on various gears. Although a lot of brands are researching on this field, Piaget, I think is the one that have real achievement and a bunch of excellent movements of Piaget are the best explanation for that.

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