Design of the Future Gaming and Entertainment Experiences

IoT based trans-humanistic games can make physical and sensorimotor contact over internet possible.

Trans-humanism is the future of the video gaming industry that will make both physical and sensorimotor contact (especially haptic contact) between people from any nook and corner of the world possible. Such futuristic video gaming experience will convey emotions, empathy and physical stimuli like touch. This, in turn, will redefine the way people connect with each other online. Such virtual reality based communication can be developed in the near future.

Trans-humanism in the video gaming industry will incorporate sensors to detect motion and pressure; interpreters to understand facial expressions, speech and emotions of the gamers; artificial intelligence; wearables with components to deliver haptic feedback and holographic audio-visual displays.

Such innovation in the video gaming industry will give life to virtual reality, and hence its use will not be confined to the gamers only. This will indeed make the video games a part of lifestyle, rather than a hobby or pastime. Besides, it will attract almost all demographic forces and all types of gamers: rookie, casual and hardcore.

Imagine your consciousness, intellect and emotions are stored in some electronic media that can interact with a gamer over Internet of Thing (IoT) just like a mundane human being, and thus you and your friend can feel each other both physically and emotionally. Imagine you are scared watching a horror show, and your friend can feel your increased heartbeats. Imagine your friend makes a gesture and you feel a pat on your shoulder. Such post-modern innovation in the gaming industry will completely change the way we communicate over internet, and will become an integral part of our lifestyle.

Written by Roshan Adhikari

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