Forever Style—Rolex Cellini 4233/9Bl


Rolex Cellini series watches is meant to pay respect to Cellini, great Italian artist, engraver, jewelry master, and excellent writer. He was a versatile man and was thought highly by Roman pope and French king back then. He was a representative of Art Deco of Mannerist sculpture and was the only artist who advocated to restore the heroism in the sculpture. Today, we bring a Rolex Cellini here and go deep into it.


Rolex Cellini is quite a mature watch in its look, and really match a man with certain experiences as well the man with such a gentle style. This Rolex Cellini reaches 32 mm of its diameter, an quite a small size for man, and the case is made of alloy of 18k rose gold and white gold to build an classy taste.


We have a sapphire mirror on the Cellini, and the domed mirror seems to be classical as it usually does. The crown is made of 18 k gold and touches great when you wind it up. The Rolex logo on the top of it exemplify an uncommon air. Besides, we have an alligator skin belt whose color constructs an air of nostalgia and the natural texture of alligator skin belt looks powerful. The unique case makes it quite thin if you look from the side, and is also quite solid when wearing it. The lug is integrated with the case made of 18k white gold, and melts with the thick bezel. If you see the buckle, this is a simple needle buckle and Rolex Crown is branded on it, speaking for its classy. The inner bezel is grey and is engraved with beautiful patterns while the outside is black and has white, skeleton time indexes. The dial, overall, looks elegant. Rolex big Crown can also be found at 12 o’clock in the dial, and a dimensional time index that is made of 18k rose gold is inserted at 6 o’clock.

Fitting with an automatic winding-up mechanical movement, Rolex Cellini is sealed completely at the back side and is branded with Rolex logo and a hand-writing Cellini at the button. Edge of the button also got delicate engravings, emanating classical sense. Every Rolex watch is a graceful combination of professional skills and literature. No matter you are a successful man that have gone through difficulties, or an ordinary man, Rolex Cellini will match you perfectly.

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