Forget Unhealthy Buttery Products: How about a Herbal Super Spread?

To disrupt the modern culinary market, food products manufacturing companies should overcome dependence on their traditional value propositions like low fat, extra-protein, rich creamy taste, etc. Innovation in the culinary ingredients is the most prominent key in the development of ‘superfood’ for the modern market.

Pharmaceutical companies are often blamed for bio-piracy owing to their use of indigenous know-how regarding usage, cultivation and harvesting of the rare plants and fungus. However, exploration of rare plant ecology and discovery of new ‘superfoods’ is in the best interests of everyone. Especially studies of the ecology of rare plants should be prioritized by the food companies as such studies are often overlooked owing to the fact that these plants are sporadically cultivated and harvested in the remote regions of the world.

For instance, Ophiocordyceps sinensis (better known as Yarsagumba) is a fungus that produces a fruiting body that carries herbal remedy value. Harvested in mountainous regions of Nepal, India and Tibet, this rare herb is reputed as remedy of numerous diseases related to lungs, kidney and other numerous vital organs. It is an irony that researches on such invaluable herbs are carried out secretly by pharmaceutical companies without bringing them to the public knowledge.

Study of the genome and phenome of rare medicinal herbs will add a new huge dimension in the culinary market. Following plenty researches on ecological and genetic features of such herbs, GMO technologies can be employed in cultivating such rare plants for the greater good. Though use of GMOs is a contentious issue, exploring the genome and phenome to cultivate rare medicinal plants and fungus should not provoke consumer outrage.

The modern market is in a desperate need of food items that carry medicinal properties. The modern market is in a desperate need of food items that carry medicinal properties. Food products manufacturers should tap on the fastest growing culinary market of food supplements and “help people feel better, perform better, live better, and definitely not produce empty calories”.

We will be living more; thanks to the modern healthcare system. As we will be living more, it is very important that we live a healthy life, consuming food that boosts our immunity and overall health. Herbal super spread shall help people in living exactly that healthy life!

Written by Roshan Adhikari

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