Trinity of Diurnal-Nocturnal-Misty Decoration in Blissful Beverage Packaging

Blissful beverage packaging requires combination of eclectic elements of colors like hue, brightness and brilliance with bichromatic, photo-chromatic, thermo-chromatic and similar high inks. These designs should be used to make wine labels, closures and other packaging elements colorful and blissful.

1. Diurnal Decoration: This type of decoration should be used in light background, which will be mostly suitable for photo-chromatic and thermo-chromatic pastel-colored inks.

2. Nocturnal Decoration: This type of decoration will be applied to dark background, which will blend perfectly with bichromatic ink.

3. Misty Decoration: This type of decoration will be a mixture of diurnal and nocturnal decorations and shall blend well with all types of innovative ink technologies like thermo-chromatic and photo-chromatic ink.

This solution will focus on the misty decorations. The following figure is a mockup of misty decoration that uses bichromatic ink in its flex label and photo-chromatic/thermo-chromatic ink in the screw-cap.

Fig. 01: Bichromatic ink will be used in the label, whereas thermo-chromatic or/and photo-chromatic ink will be used in the screwcap.  

Such innovative and informative use of colors, which appeals to our eyes as well, will convey prescriptive messages to the consumers in a very blissful way. While only flex prints and prints on screw-caps maybe feasible in the present scenario, Ink-tech companies can research and develop technology that can make printing on bottles possible. A new dimension of beverage packaging shall begin once the ink can be used in bottles directly. The following two images are mockups of the futuristic innovation being jotted down.

Fig. 02: Futuristic decoration of beverage package that uses pastel colors.

Fig. 03: Futuristic decoration of beverage package resembling fireworks.

Regarding the outer beverage packaging, it can be innovated by use of recyclable paper crate or wooden crate focusing on minimalist design, partial visibility of bottle and screw-cap, portability and stable positioning of the bottle inside it. Innovative ink technology can also be used on the paper crates and inner foils, if any. For greater impact, brand names can be embossed on the outer packages. In addition, paper crates can be cut into geometric shapes. 

This idea is better than the existing wine package solutions as it intertwines colorful art with innovative ink technology into the packaging process. The customers will be first subtly intrigued by the visual appeal, and later deeply tempted to buy beverages by the awesomeness of innovative ink technologies. The overall packaging solution will add elements of ‘blissful colors’, ‘innovative decoration’ and ‘informative packaging’ to the value proposition of the beverages.

These diurnal, nocturnal and misty wine bottle print designs that I came up with for an ink-technology company were recently rewarded. These designs use pastel colors, bichromatic inks in dark background and photochromatic inks in light background.

Zipz, a wine packaging company that employs technology of this ink-tech enterprise, secured the biggest funding in the history of ABC’s Shark Tank. This is what inspired me to create funky wine bottle print designs. How do you like them designs?

Written by Roshan Adhikari

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