Passionate Red Gold—IWC Portuguese IW502122

With gradual stress on life, most people would seek one way to release, such as climbing, navigation and crossing the jungle. Among those dangerous outdoors activity, a watch is a necessary equipment during our journey and IWC is such a helper. Its history can date back to 154 years agon and after IWC began making watch, time was gradually being known to people. Today, what we introduce is an IWC Portuguese IW502122

When you first look at the IW50212, your attention will be immediately caught by the three-dimensional earth-shapes and two moon-shaped, which is arresting. Obviously, that is the moon-phase indicator. The diameter of the watch reaches 44.2 mm and a 15.5 mm in of the thickness. The Red gold combines with the black color, which gives a strong visual contrast. Small second and date display, month display and power indicator display are set separately in the 9, 6, 3 o’clock. The bracelet is made of brown alligator skin, perfectly matching the red gold. 

The born of Portuguese brought a great deal convenience to navigator. The new IW502122 has a lot of functions, in addition to the date, week, month, year and moon-phase display, it also indicates the changing process of moon-phase. For the professional, moon-phase is quite useful because the cycle of tide is closely connected to the tide. Therefore, if you plan a long journey on the ocean, then IW502122 would be an excellent assistant and.

IWC Portuguese series use Cal.51614 movement with a 37.8 mm of the diameter and 8.8 mm of its thickness. Breguet hairspring was invented by Breguet in 1975, which improved the frequency of the watch and reduce the loss the rotor. 168 hours power reserve guarantee that won’t always need to wind it up. The on the middle of the movement there display hours and minutes while second is set on 9 o’clock.

IWC also pays a lot of attention on the education on the watch field. Focusing on the techniques determine that it would go contrast with quantity produce and that’s why IWC tries to make the excellent and exquisite watches and which is why IWC has been regarded as a high value watch.

Finally, IWC Portuguese IW502122 would definitely a good choice for those who want a outdoor adventurous experience in terms of its elegant appearance or functions. What’s more, it is also a good watch for daily use.

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