Rosh Who?

My life, bound up with limited amenities, has instilled in me a burning desire to serve underprivileged people of my community. As such, I founded several student clubs which campaigned to support disadvantaged and marginalized community. As our efforts failed to manifest significant impacts, I started writing with a purpose. The appetite for writing conveyed my opinions to readers of leading national newspapers. The love for literature that slowly developed in me led me to write an essay book for which I was awarded a prestigious national award.

I have this mental disease called creativity. The more idle I become, the more severe it becomes. That confessed, I am currently seeking freelance jobs related to generating sales leads online, assisting in business plan and pitch, making business presentations, managing social media, content and copy writing, creating WordPress website, writing papers, and similar online gigs. I am highly interested in launching a service based online start-up, which will probably include professional writing in the initial phase.

Later, I would like to invest on real estate and e-commerce industry that relies heavily on IT and logistics. This is why I would like to be mentored by someone who can challenge me and keep me conveniently occupied with my career aspirations. I am especially interested in working with international entrepreneurs. I am good at learning things, and have worked at three offices before, the latest as a Communications Manager.