Swiss Watches: Choose High-end Watches from Tudor and Rolex Watches


Tudor, in many people’s eyes it is another rolex brand, whether in terms of appearance, or substantial qualities, it seemed not to be out of the shadow of rolex, even the English name Tudor is also an important British dynasty, echoing with the name of the crown rolex logo, as the royal breath is dye-in-the-wood. Tudor, as it were, today’s image is under the influence of rolex success, has the rolex lingering shadow all the time. Today we are together to explore the relationship of Tudor and rolex, to see if Tudor can get rid of the shadow of rolex?

Tudor really could not get rid of the shadow of the rolex, with rolex strict standard to request itself and make high-quality goods, perhaps it is the biggest wish of the watch friend who like Rolex watches or Tudor watches. Because casting aside the rolex to talk about the Tudor in fact there is also nothing important with big significance, so the Tudor under the influence of rolex, just quietly makes the rolex pattern in the luxury watches, and it is the biggest corner that a lot of friends should more care about.

Among all the Tudor watches, the ref. 72033-62453 watch is carrying with the automatic movement, and it is made of between-gold material of 18k yellow gold and stainless steel, and it has the date display function, the watch size is 32mm and waterproof is 100 meters deep, which looks really like a Rolex watch. And the Tudor PELAGOS 25500TN titanium metal watch is also carrying with the automatic mechanical movement, and it is made of titanium and stainless steel material, equipped with the black ceramic word bezel, with date display function, and the watch size is 42mm in diameter and the waterproof depth can be 500 meters.

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