Swiss Watches: Know about the Tag Heuer F1 Glory


TAG Heuer is the classic and the authentic watch brand with the longest history in the history of F1 racing. In 1969, it has been the first watch brand sponsoring the professional driver Jo Siffert, and in the year of 1971, its watch brand logo, emblazonry and the watch appeared in the film Le Mans together with the super star actor Steve Mcqueen; from 1971-1979, it became the first watch brand that cooperated with Ferrari’s grand prix team; from 1985 to today, it has been the watch brand that has the long cooperation time of 29 years with McLaren team in the history of formula one racing, and becomes the biggest winner of Monaco Grand Prix which has won 15 times; from 1992 to 2003, it has been the officially appointed timekeeping brand of the formula one racing with the accuracy reaching 1/1,000 seconds. From 2004 to 2006 and in the year of 2014 it has once again become the officially appointed timekeeping brand of Indy Racing League whose accuracy can be up to 1/10,000 seconds. From 2011 to now, it is the OFFICIAL PARTNERS of Monaco Grand Prix and Automobile Club de Monaco.

TAG Heuer is the watch brand that has invented the Motor racing timer also.

The TAG Heuer is the earliest watch brand that linked the car racing together with watch, and continuously strives for perfection, to upgrade this technology to top quality unprecedented level. Through the long-term cooperation with the top team, driver and dealer in car racing industry, as a Swiss manufacturer that is universally acknowledged as senior event timer leading brand, TAG Heuer has increased the precision of time calculation to astonishing degree ─1/10, 1/100, 1/1000 and 5/10000 of a second. And the 499th events of the Monaco grand prix which cooperated with the McLaren made the Tag Heuer once again establish its historical status in Formula one contest.

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