Swiss Watches: Panerai PAM00538 Review


PAM00538 was limited edition watch launched in 2013, and was collectively known as “blue pair” with the PAM00598 which was launched in 2014, and it needs to be lucky enough to see this two watches at the same time. The pillow-type watch case of the PAM00538 wrist watch is made of18 k rose gold, whose surface is through careful polishing processing, to send out the rich precious metal texture and excellent quality. Compared with PAM00598 watch, the 45 mm small gauge diameter is a little slightly, but still continues the usual big watchcase design of the Panerai brand. Some people say the protector bridge of the Luminor more can reveal the extraordinary feeling of Panerai watches, actually concise Radiomir more has the flavor of the original military watches, linear watch ear also highlights the unique style of the watches in early years. The fine grinding and processing of edges and corners of the watchcase reflects the rigorous and plain style of Italian design, mixing the simpleness and fashion to build a new and elegant beauty, and Panerai PAM00538 wrist watch is also the most accurate interpretation of the laws of modern aesthetic.

The watch dial design uses a rare type of prototype in the late 1930 s, which has the special historical feeling, and it used the simple lines and dot scale as hours scales, implementing the minimalism. The dark blue dial surface after the decoration of satin polishing, is showing a fine texture, the fine sun’s rays texture, which supplementing each other with the rose gold watch case which sends out the warm shiny luster.

The watch case of PAM00538 which is made of18 k rose gold material seems to be hale and hearty and atmospheric, and the deep blue dial is beautifully enchanting, and you can appreciate the function of the whole watch.

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