Swiss Watches: Panerai PAM590 Review


Panerai engraved the words “8 Giorni” on only several chronographs, among which the PAM590 is the one, which adds a lot of charm for it and makes many collectors salivating. There also hidden another interesting detail on the watch dial of Pam590. Just as all the Panerai watches, PAM590 has simple watch dial, loyal to the principle of easily to be identified. The time scale of “9” is replaced by small second dial, and if you look at it carefully, you will find that the color of the time scales is different from that of Luminor Panerai and “8 Giorni” and it is orange color.

In the culture of Panerai brand, it is the so-called “non-matching” watch dial, and it is the important mark of the first batch of Panerai chronographs in the period of former Vendôme group. Some white luminous time scale calibration once exposed to the sun, they can present a different color effect (compared to inscriptions, as well as other timing scales which are without the luminous treatments). At first it is a negligence of quality, then became a real “Holy Grail”. After some watches dials being returned to the factory to replace, there are some watches holders retaining the original styles, and then finally caused the great mass fervor of the “non-matching” watch dial, and chased by the watches collectors and enthusiasts because of its unique and original characteristics.


At the beginning of contacting this article, these features maybe don’t cause your attention, but after reading over it you have great interests on Panerai watches and become a fan of Panerai, then you will surely know why the Pam590 is so unique. If I add that this Panerai watch is only for the US market in 2014! Panerai fans will be lit lost helpless and excitement of complex emotions, so welcome to the Panerai world!

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