Swiss Watches: patek philippe watches with calendar function


Since it was awarded the patent of the calendar function in the year of 1996, over the past nearly 20 years, patek philippe’s calendar watches are under various series, which are not only featuring the various choices, the supplementary functions are diverse. Calendar function although does not have the fascinating charm as the high complicated watches, but only the person who has worn calendar watch before can understand the silence and consideration it represents.

For patek philippe who created the calendar function for the first time, how quietly and faithfully to record time, show time, is what a wrist watch brand really should pay much attention to, that is one of the reasons why patek philippe can continue to dominate the watch altar. Holding on such a concept, after the first calendar chronograph 5960 was launched in 2006, patek philippe again published a new 5905 p calendar timing clock this year, removing the 12 hours time plate and power energy storage these two functions that are not needed, with more simple and clear display, for this classic complex function combination deduces new looks which is more fashionable.


Patek philippe has always been famous for its bovine ear with complex function, besides the tourbillon and minute repeaters, the technology of the timing clock and calendar function are especially impressive, which makes it also a universal clock collectors essential gourmet. In terms of timing clock, the timing clock of the patek philippe always is famous for its exquisite features and design aesthetic, to be all-powerful for hundred years in the watch industry.


In recent years, patek philippe have published more timing chronographs that are equipped with homemade movements, over the years it has established the great kingdom of homemade movements timing chronographs. On the other hand, the calendar function which is less complex, but it is more economical and practical is the first creation of patek philippe that was awarded the patent in 1996, not only for brand created the extraordinary achievements again, and for the watch altar created a completely open new options.

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